Final Fantasy 13 - Lightning Cosplay

Monday, February 08, 2016

My first review for this new blog and my first cosplay photos of 2016! I'm going to be reviewing this Lightning Farron cosplay costume I've received from CosplayWho. Lightning is one of my favourite Final Fantasy characters, and I'm really happy I got this opportunity to cosplay her.

What is Cosplay Who?

" is a China-based apparel retailer/wholesaler specializing in cosplay costumes and accessories. We inspect every single costume stringently before we dispatch it to you and guarantee its quality to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. "

You can find the same costume I am wearing here. The shipping for the costume took about 4 weeks, and it was packaged in a shipping bag. All of the pieces were individually wrapped in plastic so the items wouldn't get damaged. It shows on CosplayWho photos of all of the items it includes, as well as very detailed photos of the costume.

The costume includes;

- One crop tank top with a zipper
- One pair of undershorts
- One skirt
- 2 Belts
- 2 Arm cuffs
- 2 Gloves
- One bag
- One shoulder pad
- One jacket (with cape)
- One black arm band

What is the quality like?

I was very impressed with the quality of this costume! It's amazing! All of the items and the costume itself are very high quality. The items are heavy and sturdy, and nothing looks cheaply made or poor quality. Every piece was individually wrapped up and protected. When I first opened my packaged, the first thing I noticed was that the skirt even had hooks on the inside to be hung up properly. I love how this costume even includes the shorts Light wears under her skirt!

Most of this costume is pretty adjustable in size as well. I got a default size small, and it fits me perfectly! The bag straps were a bit too big for my legs and I needed to take them in, but besides that all of the belts and overall costume pieces fit me great.
I would definitely shop with cosplaywho again! They're on the top of my list when i'm looking for costumes. The quality is always amazing for a great price!

Other things;
For this cosplay, I actually made my boots myself. My makeup was done by my sister. Photos were taken & edited by Ethan.

My wig is from Circusdoll - link here. This wig is the perfect dusty colour for Light! It also has different fibres of colour throughout the wig to make it more realistic. The wig comes basically styled, I did straighten the front and sides. I also had to cut more layers in it to get the wig looking how I liked it. I just styled the rest with hairspray to get it to stay out.

Lenses are from Uniqso (click the link to find the exact pair!). Remember to use my discount code "eikkibunny" when shopping from Uniqso!.

I bought the gunblade from Amazon! I cannot find the same listing as the one I bought from anymore. Unfortunately, my gunblade does not turn into a gun, as it just stays a sword.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed my first post and will stay for many more posts to come!

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  1. Wow, I really enjoyed this blog post. It's really well made, and the pictures look fantastic! I can't wait to see more, thus I followed you via blogger!

    1. Thank you! I followed you back! <3

  2. I was looking for a trasteble review of the shop and i'm really impressed! They seem to sell high quality cosplays for a good price and maybe I will buy one too.

    Thank you!

  3. Amazing cosplay ! You will look much better with high quality Final Fantasy cosplay costumes from !

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