Uniqso - Cosplay Wig - K-On - Kotobuki Tsumugi Review + Cosplay Wig - Batman/Harley Quinn Review

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Hey ! I have two wig reviews for you ~! But first of all.... I finally got into comics! c: I honestly haven't had any intention of reading them until this year ! And I'm in love. I wish I started reading them sooner.. :c I spent about $500 on comics so far this summer LOL 

This wig is called "K-On - Kotobuki Tsumugi " from Uniqso ! < They're linked ! 

I wanted a nice more natural looking blond wig to add to my collection in case I ever needed one in the future for a cosplay or different look. c: 
This wig was perfect! It's super soft and silky, and I love the colour of this wig! I think it looks pretty natural-ish blond compared to some more of the yellow blond wigs. This wig took only 2 weeks to arrive.♡ This wig comes curly, but I tested the bangs out with the heat iron and you can straighten it if you want! Just remember to use low heat and take it slow. I would highly would recommend this wig for people searching for a good blond wig! You can easily cut and style it to fit a majority of different characters and looks! 

Okaaaay.. So jumping on the Harley train (because she cute and sweet ;) ) and I got this "Batman/Harley Quinn " wig from Uniqso as well! 

This wig took two weeks as well to arrive. When I got it, the pigtails were packaged inside the base wig to help keep the shape c: Which was a pretty good idea! 
The pigtails were actually a lot longer than I thought they would be! I didn't want to cut any of the hair yet, because I want to make some sort of Harley outfit, and I wasn't fully sure of what I wanted the hair to be like, so this is the full length of the wig! 

The pigtails were curly/wavy and I used a heat iron and straightened them out ! ♡ It was really easy to do! 

For the colours on the bottoms of the hair, I just quickly coloured them over with markers (LOL It's a very easy method, but for long term, try dip dying them with a fabric dye! The marker method is super quick, but also leaves my hairs and chest - where the wig is stained the colours!)

This wig is perfect for blond pigtails! It's really soft and easy to style. The fringe of the wig comes in a little styled as well! You could also do different looks with this wig, for example, just one poytail, side ponytail or just use the base wig! 

If you're interested in purchasing from Uniqso, I have a discount code to share with you guys! You can use my code "eikkibunny" for a special discount ! 

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