What's in my Bag?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

 I wanted to make a small blog post about what's in my bag. I wanted to make some different posts on here besides reviews, and I thought this would be a great start! All of these photos are taken and edited by Ethan :)

This is my go to bag I'm currently using. I got this from OtakuMode. You can sign up here and get $5 off all orders. The title of the bag on their store is called "earth music & ecology Faux Leather Mini Backpack". I just wanted a very simple, easy bag to carry around with me that will hold a lot of things. 

My favourite items in my bag are both of my 3DS'. I basically never go without them in my bag lol. It's always good to have if I get bored or just to get street passes. I also carry my games in a little bird pouch. 

I got this 2DS, the bird pouch and the Fire Emblem Awakening keychains from OtakuMode as well! 
You can find them here ; -2DS  -Bird Pouch  -FEA Keychains. Also, you can use my code for $ off your order! Just click this link

Some of my favourite 3DS games to play are; Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Bravely Default, Animal Crossing, Ace Attorney and more! :-)  What are your favourite 3DS games?

Some other things I like to always have on me is my instax mini , my notebook and a copy of the Little Prince! Of course, I always have my phone on me! I like to keep my Polaroids in my notebook.

I keep my favourite pictures on hand because they're special to me.

Since my Vita is basically a Persona machine, it's all themed for Persona! I have a lot of games downloaded onto my Vita, so I don't really have many hard copies, but for the ones I do have I keep in the alpaca pouch! 

And the last little bit of what's usually in my bag! Some products I like to keep on hand at all times. My glasses, pills, tissues, sun screen, perfume, lipstick, lipgloss, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, blotting pads, hair pins, blush, hair pins, pressed powder, eyeliner and mascara! :) 

Thank you for reading!! I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know what is your must have item to carry in your bag! Also, if you have any video game recommendations you can let me know ! I'm always trying to find new games to play! :) Have a good night  

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  1. Those pouches are so cute, and I just discovered that there are polaroids still present. Never seen 2DS that doesn't folds, now I'm going to buy one =] Since I don't use any cosmetics, it's not really interesting to me, but it's always nice when you care about your appearance!
    Btw, there is a really nice game series for NDS about Kirby - little pink creature. I think you might've heard about it, bc it's popular =]


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