Battle Bunny Riven Cosplay Review

Thursday, February 25, 2016

 Good evening ! I took some photos of my Battle Bunny Riven cosplay from League of Legends last night/early morning around 4:30AM after we set up our studio and lights! There's still so much more that has to be fixed with the set up, but for now it'll work! :)

I got this costume from an online store called "Online Cosplays". You can find the store link here

My costume arrived within 3 months of my order, and it was shipped in a box. Inside, all of the pieces and the costume were in a bag for protection. You can find this exact cosplay costume here.

The costume included; Bunny suit, belt, two wrist cuffs, two ribbons, bunny tail, carrot plush, plush hand, and the neck tie. Surprisingly, it does not come with bunny ears!

I had these tights and shoes, so I thought they would be good to use for this cosplay. I also only had kids rabbit ears, so they look a little funny.

The costume material is a bit thin, but overall it's good for what it is. The belt was a bit too small for me to properly go around my waist so I had to use safety pins and just hold it up.

The tail just clips on the back with safety pins as well. The side of the actual bunny suit has a zipper so you can easily get in and out of it. 


My lenses are from Uniqso - You can use my discount code "eikkibunny" for 10% off

Wig is from Circusdoll

Thank you so much for reading my short little review! Bye  bye

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