Princess Anna Cosplay

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Hello! Tonight I will be showing off my Anna cosplay and where I got it from! :) I'm really happy with how it all turned out and came together. I was a bit iffy on cosplaying Anna, but I'm happy with the results so i'm glad I did! 

I have quite a few photos in this review, and they're all pretty large, so this review might be a bit long! You can skip through the photos if you would like! 

My Anna costume is from - You can find the exact costume here

My Anna wig is from Spreepicky - You can find the exact wig here.

Lenses are from Uniqso! 

First, lets talk about how amazing this wig is right? At first I was a bit skeptical about this wig when it first arrived. It looked very long, shiny and thin. Once I tried it on, the wig cap was showing a bit in the back. I took it all out of the braids it came in, and I trimmed it a bit. Then I teased the braids a bit and rebraided it back in the style it originally was. I think that helped a lot with the wig! Now it looks amazing! I'm actually so surprised how good it looks in these photos! I'm very pleased with the wig! It took about 3-4 weeks shipping. The wig has a permanent hair part, and the white streak is included with the wig.

My top lashes i'm wearing for this photoshoot are also from Spreepicky! You can find the same lashes here. The eyelashes I am wearing are " D ". I really like these lashes! They're very light weight and natural looking, but also adds a lot of volume and thickness to my lashes!

This entire costume is from ProCosplay! This is the same company I got Lissa from! :) I absolutely love my Lissa costume, so I trusted this store for another high quality Princess cosplay! 

This costume included; Shirt, Vest, Skirt, Mittons, Cape, & Cape clips

This costume is extremely high quality and detailed! They put a lot of detail into every piece and it's absolutely perfect! The fabrics they chose are perfect for the piece and it looks so great all together. I love the detail they put onto the cape, with the cut outs and the pompoms. They also detailed the top and vest so beautifully. The vest is embroidered with the pattern, and on the back of the shirt and skirt, you can ribbon/lace the back up just to add a special princess corset like touch! 

My costume only took about 9 days to arrive! Unfortunately, all the snow had melted so we had to improvise until next snowfall! But I am amazed at the shipping and quality of this costume. Definitely one of my favourite costume stores! They also make custom costumes that are absolutely perfect as well! 

More details of the bottom half! Remember to check out next time you're looking for a cosplay costume! 

**All photos are taken by Ethan **

Remember to click these links for great shopping! 

Who's your favourite Disney Princess?
Thank you guys for reading! I hope you have a great day ! 

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