Uniqso - April Review

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful April! In April I decided to make my Miraculous Ladybug suit and my Marinette outfit! I'm so glad they're finished. I cannot wait to shoot these. I'm so sorry for the late April review. My April order from Uniqso came in a bit later than expected, but I did put it off a little longer. (due to league and borderlands lol;;) 

You can get the wigs and lenses I am wearing in this review from Uniqso.

All of the links for the items are below; 

Uniqso - You can use the code "eikkibunny" for a discount 

The wigs took about 5-7 weeks to arrive. When they arrived they both were in wig bags with hair nets to protect them. The two wigs looked exactly like the photos on the website.

I styled the blue Cosplay Wig - Clannad into hair for Marinette/Ladybug from Miraculous Ladybug. It was very easy to style and I think the colour is perfect for it! 

Before I styled this wig, the wig is very soft and silky. The hair isn't too shiny either. It is also heat resistant! I had to use the straightening iron on the front parts of the wig and it worked really well.

To style the wig into Ladybug's hairstyle, I parted the hair into pigtails and put them in place. As I was doing that, I left out a little bit for the parts that stick out and enough to cover the parts I was teasing. I trimmed the bangs first and fixed up the front. Then, before I cut the length, I teased the pigtails. Once I had teased them enough and into shape, I took down the parts that I left out to cover the teased hair. Using lots of hairspray I shaped it into the pigtails. Once they dried I cut them into shape. :)

I'm so happy with how this wig turned out ! I think this was the perfect wig for me to start with and it was such a good colour and texture! 

This is the other wig I got ! I was originally going to use this one for my Star Guardian Lux cosplay, but I found an older wig I had to use for that. So I was kind of unsure what to do with this wig! I decided to do a Nurse Joy -inspired- costest???! 

I didn't trim/straighten or heavily style this wig at all! It's basically fresh from the bag! ^___^ I just simply braided the sides and put the ends up into this shape, and the bangs were just styled with hair pins.

I really love the colour of this wig! It's such a nice fresh bright pink colour. It's hard to find wigs that are this colour, but this one is so pretty! It's also very long and silky soft. It comes with the top "ahoge" piece styled like in the photos on the website. 

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed my review! 
Make sure to check Uniqso out for wigs and circle lenses! They have a tonne of new circle lenses in stock.
Hope you have a good day! 

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