Her Shave Co. Monthly Subscription Box Review

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Good morning ! I just woke up and I'm ready to start the day off with a new review.
My review today will be on a company called Her Shave Co. It is a monthly subscription box filled with beauty, hygiene and shaving products. 

My box arrived very quickly! It came within the first week of the month.

This is what the box looked like when it first was opened. 

And here's a discount code for you guys!! Use the code "FIRSTSHAVE" at the checkout for $5 off! :)

These are all of my goodies I got in this months box! It was so excited to try out this stuff.  The box I received isn't a monthly box, rather, it's called "the first shave box" to start you off! After you start with this box, you can continue on and get each month afterwards. 

You can find a link the The First Shave Box here

Here's the razor. I've never used a razor like this before, but thankfully the box came with an instruction sheet on how to install the blades and use the razor! It was super easy to do.

The box included two sets of razor blades. 

This is a shaving brush made by Her Shave Co. It is used to apply shaving cream/powder to the areas you want to shave. It's designed to make it super easy and comfortable for you! 

This is some shaving soap to use. This one smells so good and it's so soft! It made shaving so easy and I would totally buy this again.

And the last item are these strawberry bath salts. These smell AMAZING. It smells just like fresh strawberries. It made my bath so nice and it just smelled so good. I love these. 

I really think this is such a neat box for everyone to have! I think it's very handy and useful, especially for each month! The box itself is $24.95, but there are also monthly subscriptions and offer discounts and gifts. 

**All of these photos were taken by Ethan Oliver.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this ! Have a good day! 

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