Kitnip Monthly Subscription Box Review

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This review is from a company called KitNip box, and they send out monthly subscription boxes for only $19.99 a month! So your little furbabies can get all sorts of treats and presents monthly! My little Frankie really loved her kitnip box. You can subscribe and check out their website [here]


My box only took about 2 weeks to arrive since it was shipped. You should receive your boxes all at the beginning of each month. It's packaged in the box shown in the photo. 

Here's what the box looks like as soon as it's opened. If you have two or more kitties, you can actually subscribe to the other option for $29.99! You will get more toys and treats for everyone! 

The first toy in her box was a plush UFO. It's very cute she really liked this one! She took this one out of the box first :)

This toy is called "Crazy for Catnip ring toy". This is a plush ring, with catnip inside of it. On the end of the toy is some tiny feathers. She likes to chase this one. We have to keep this one in the bedroom because Pema (our dog) also loves it! She tries to chew it up.

This little cell phone toy is really cute. This one is my favourite. Now she has a little cell phone :-) 
This toy is very thin and has a fabric inside that makes a crinkle noise. She likes to chew on her phone.

Ever since she started to play with "Kitten Little" its always found everywhere in the house. She brings it around with her from room to room. Kitten Little is a little stuffed plush with catnip inside.

Shaky mouse doorknob cat toy is a little mouse that has a pull string inside so it vibrates and moves around. She was a little frightened of this one at first, but warmed up quickly. 

This is the last toy. It's just a stuffed catnip pillow bag type of toy with a bell on the end.

She also got organic dried chicken treats which she loved, but they're not pictured here!! 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed all of the cute photos of little Frankie! She absolutely loved her Kitnip Box and it's such a cute idea! If you're interested in this subscription box, please click the link below! 

                                                           KITNIP BOX

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