Uniqso - March Review

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Hello! March was such a busy month for me and it just ended with our annual local convention! :) I had a lot of fun vending again this year and I would like to thank you all who stopped by!! I'm so glad winter is ending and spring has begun! The art above is drew by http://wandakun.deviantart.com/ based on my costume I made ! ^__^

My review today will be on two beautiful wigs I got from Uniqso for the con at the end of the month. I used both of these wigs for my sister and I to cosplay Umbreon and Espeon! We have been jokingly saying we should cosplay these two for a long time, and we finally did it! We made both of our costumes super quickly, because it was more of a last minute descision.

You can find all of the links below. You can also use my code "eikkibunny" for all of Uniqso's products to receive 10% off! 

The black wig came basically pre styled! It has a "natural hair part" in the middle, which makes the wig look more realistic and like natural hair. The colour was a beautiful black, and the wig was very silky and soft. 

We were in such a rush the whole weekend, it was hard to take a decent photo! I'm the one on the left as Espeon, wearing the "Cosplay Wig - Saint Seiya - Athena" and my sister is the one on the right as Umbreon, wearing the "Cosplay Wig - Medium Black". We wore both of these wigs the whole day and they were very comfortable. They are adjustable to your headsize with little clasps on the inside of the wigs. 

We both are also wearing circle lenses from Uniqso as well! 

These are our full outfits! My sister, Ethan and I had all designed the outfits and then we made them! Hopefully in the near future we will take a better outfit picture instead of just an iphone at the con. 

I took these selfies when I first finished my costume! This wig was so long! The only styling I needed to do with it was trim the bangs a tiny bit so they weren't in my face. This wig is so beautiful, and it's the most perfect colour to what I had wanted! 

I love both of these wigs and they were exactly what I needed for these costumes! The black one is also super pretty and would be great for casual use! 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a great day! 

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