Poprageous Rebelle Set - GET JINXED !!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hi !! Today I will be sharing this amazing set I got from Poprageous ! A LOT of you guys have been asking where this is from and links to it so here they are ! ! 

I LOVE these ! They're amazing! If you like the Jinx ones, you can also find an Ashe set and a Vi set! They're not named the same as the characters, but that's them~! 

Kind of weird mirror photo, but at the time my mirror kept falling over LOL.. The set fits perfect to the sizes! They're a liiittle stretchy, and the print is amazing! It's all over print and it looks so good. It's also super comfy and the material is really soft.

It took about 2/3 weeks to arrive in the mail! Which is super fast! It came in a shipping envelope with a few hand out cards and things ;v;

In case you're wondering which lenses these are they're EOS New Adult Pink from Uniqso !  :-)

I love this company! I love their items ! I think it's the cutest/ neatest designs ever and they're so comfy! The print is super bright and amazing as well! 

Thank you guys! See ya~! 

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