SugarBones Review Package

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Hey guys! I'm here with another review post! This one is for the lovely SugarBones shop. SugarBones sells a lot of cute pins, patches and accessories. They're all designed by the owner of the shop who is a wonderful artist.

My package took about two weeks to arrive in the post. The hearts drawn on the envelope are a really sweet touch :)

Inside my package were these two Sailor Moon inspired Luna and Artemis patches. I think these are just so cute. I love how they're each saying lines of the opening theme. 

These patches can be found in the shop : "Fighting Evil & Winning Love" and they're sold for $12 for the set of them.

Sailor Moon "meatball head" patch and a Cry Baby sequenced patch. I love these two ! They're so cute and I love the colours. I'm not sure where to put my patches? I want to put them on a jacket or something, but I don't have anything nice enough for them yet! I will have to keep looking :)

You can find these two here : "Meatball Head Patch" - $5

"Crybaby Sequin Patch" - $6

All of these patches are amazing quality! I wouldn't expect any higher quality from patches! I'm really excited to put them on something and show off.

Cards on how to apply the patches. Even the cards are cute ;v;

I'm in love with this pin ♥ It's so perfect. I put this pin on my bag.

These are lovely stickers! The colours and art are so vibrant and amazing. I love Sailor Moon and I love the theme of these items.

I'm so pleased with my items! They're all high quality and beautiful. The prices are really good, and customer service is amazing. 

Thank you all for reading ! 

See you in my next post! 

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