Uniqso - February Review

Friday, March 04, 2016

Good evening! I got these two wigs in the mail yesterday and since it was already the end of February, I wanted to try and finish this review asap so I got my sister to help with some photos. This is my first Uniqso review in my new blog (hopefully lots more to come! :) ).

You can visit Uniqso's website by clicking this link
The wig I'm (left) wearing is "Cosplay Wig - Nabari No Ou - Kurookana Shijima"
And the wig my sister is wearing is "Cosplay Wig - Angel Sanctuary - Rosiel"
You can use my discount code "eikkibunny" for 10% off all orders! 

The Angel Sanctuary Rosiel wig is super pretty! It's longer than I expected, but I'm glad! It's very soft and not shiny or thin at all! I'm planning on using it for cosplays in the future!(Hopefully Ashe!) This wig is heat resistant, and size adjustable. It's very easy to style, but for this particular shot, I just clipped the bangs up a bit for her.

Throws in these shots because she did her makeup really cute ! ;v; We were attempting faun/forest creature looks, but then I realized I didn't have anything for horns or antlers! You can also see the wig fibres up close for detail! Also, white wigs are very hard to get to cooperate, but this one is perfect! It isn't see through at all, it's just the right amount of thickness. It's very light and easy to wear.

Here, I'm wearing the "Nobari No Ou - Kurookana Shijima" wig. It's a bit smaller overall than what I expected, but I love the way the hair just falls and the way the straight/wave looks. This wig is a little thinner than the other wig, but I think if I properly styled and trimmed the bangs, it would look very natural. This wig is so soft as well! 

Some upclose shots of the wig and makeup! The lenses I'm wearing are also from Uniqso! They're "Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Voilet". I really think this wig has a more natural vibe than the other one, but they're both beautiful. There will definitely be more photos to come with these two wigs! 

Thank you so much for reading! Make sure to check out Uniqso, and use my discount code "eikkibunny" when purchasing ! See you soon! 

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