Uniqso - June Review

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy Summer ! It's finally summer now! :) I hope your school year went well, and that you're enjoying summer break.

For the month of June, I wanted to try one of Uniqso's newer wigs, "Lolita wig BV" as well as one of my favourites "Cosplay Wig - No 6 - Inukashi". 

You can find all of the links below ;

[ Uniqso ]

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This wig is Lolita Wig BV. When my wig arrived it was in a wig bag and hair net for protection. The wig has a "realistic hair parting" on the top. It's very soft and easy to style. I did trim the front of this wig a bit because the hair part on top made the bangs of the wig a little harder to work with.

I really liked wearing this wig! I think it's cute and fun to wear. The wig to me, looks a little different in the stock photos compared to the actual wig. In real life it's much more voluminous rather than the stock photos. The only problem I found with this wig was that the bangs of it was difficult to work with and get right. They would not stay down properly ! :( But, with hairspray and straightening them, I managed to get them to look good. I think this wig is really cute for more daily/fashion styles. It would also make a cute Judy Hopps wig ! 

This wig is the other one! :) I love this wig! It's one of the best brown wigs Uniqso has ! It's very long and basic, but it's perfect for different styles! 

For these two photos of the brown wig, I left the whole wig uncut/unstyled. I just clipped the front back! The wig will come very long and curly! It's really soft and pretty. I think the colour is perfect as well.

I was wearing this wig for my Caitlyn cosplay. For this, I just straightened the front pieces and trimmed them a little. 

I also used the same wig for Elizabeth ! :) This wig is perfect for a wide variety of characters and also daily wear! It's great if you need a brown wig! It's also very easy to style, and it is heat resistant up to 200C. 

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you guys have a great start to the summer! <3

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